Education before Advice

“Education before Advice” – That’s our advice to you.

Unbiased and informative financial education, before choosing financial advice is our proposition.

We provide educational, generic, balanced and unbiased information to help you understand whether you may (or may not) need professional, regulated financial advice to help you.

That said, there is a lack of confidence and understanding about pensions. Gone are the days of fixed pension ages or fixed retirement dates.

You will have multiple different pension pots and more choice about how your money is invested – and taken. You will be thinking about things like phasing your retirement and your standard of living in retirement.

Access to good quality advice, safe and secure and at a reasonable cost is more important than ever, but that needs to be chosen by you, when you need it and chosen from a position of confidence.

The challenge for us isn’t just to know the rules, but to apply them to your real live – your life, your ambitions and your goals. You choose life; we’ll help you plan it.

Understanding where people have come from, their hopes for the future, and what really matters to them in retirement: a life without worry or regret.

You will be in a much better position if you understand more of the background of our work. You’ll be in a more informed position if you know more about what we do, how we do it and why we are doing it.

You’ll be able to challenge us and ask more questions from an informed position.

We want you to make informed decisions.

We can then help you get a deeper understanding of the options and the risks and the consequences of different options – to ensure, we conclude with the best option for your personal circumstances: the best plan for your future.

Our proposition is ‘Education before Advice’, because it will put YOU in the strongest possible position of understanding your retirement options, you will choose regulated advice with confidence and we’ll conclude with the most suitable PLAN to meet YOUR objectives.