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Taking regulated Financial Advice about your defined benefit pension is a big decision: is it the right decision for you?

To help you to decide if you need financial advice before engaging our services, we give you access to a series of free financial education videos.

We call this Education before Advice.

Taking regulated Financial Advice is a big decision and it’s important that you are informed and understand your options. For instant access to our Triage service please drop us a line or book a meeting.

EP Calculate can be used to test investment scenarios based on your personal circumstances.

By entering details of your age, life expectancy, income, expenditure and investment criteria – we can should you a visual representation of your retirement plan.

You can make instant changes the calculation, allowing you to fine tune your plan. You will also have the option to download a PDF report of the calculation for your records – although please note it should only be considered as guidance and does not represent financial advice.

We charge a fair fee for the work we do. Our work and our business is built on fairness, transparency and trust. Our fees are disclosed online, are fair and transparent.

In the scenario that you decide to proceed with regulated financial advice, our fee calculator can demonstrate how our fees will be applied to your investment plan.

Again, please note that our calculation should only considered as guidance. If you have any questions regarding our fees, please contact us directly.

Many different types of UK pension schemes exist and while the aim of each is to provide you with an income in retirement, they work in different ways.

We consider the best options for your retirement and always are considering what your best personal interests are. You’ll have options available to you and your existing pension arrangement may not be the most optimal for you?

We are a one-stop technical and advisory resource for all pensions. We will do research, obtain your scheme information on your behalf and outline your options with your pension.

Our team have access into literally 100’s of years of experience, expertise and intelligence build-up in pensions since 1970’s: we are pension people.

We provide advice, guidance and help on all types of UK pensions. EPA LLP has full permissions and professional indemnity cover to advise on all types of UK pension schemes.

What does your retirement look like? Guaranteed income forever, gold-plated guaranteed income with no risk? Or, flexibility of drawing income?

Using all your pension pots or maybe making lifetime (or death benefit) legacies? Do you want control over the way your funds are accessed, left behind or invested?

Is their tax considerations to be investigated – are you over the lifetime allowance?

Our consideration is always in your best personal interests…and there are a number of benefits to retaining your current pension: guaranteed pension income is GOOD!

And a pension transfer is not always in your best interests (see the stats of those who contact us).

We will help build your retirement plan, in your best personal interests.
We will review your current position and make a recommendation in your best personal interests – and make it happen: we will leave you with a plan and we’ll implement it.

Your pension options will have been fully and deeply explored – and your plan, for your retirement, in your time, is set up for your future.

A transfer from a final salary pension scheme is not always in your best interest and is unsuitable for many people. This is evidenced by our data, which show that 60% of people who contact us do not progress to full regulatory advice on a pension transfer away from a guaranteed final salary pension.

Any such transfer is irreversible and can have a detrimental effect on your retirement planning. In many cases, (more than 60%+ of people who contact us), transferring from a final salary pension scheme to a defined contribution scheme is not in their best personal interests – and that can be for many reasons.

That means for many others, it could be the right solution. But, it requires a lot of investigations to work out whether this once-in-a-lifetime decision is the best choice.

We use the Enterprise tier of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) as our core IT system for communication and collaboration.

Workspace brings the following security benefits for the company:

  • all data is stored in Google’s (very, very secure ) servers and is fully encrypted at rest and in transit
  • data has never been stolen or compromised from Google’s servers since the launch of Workspace in 2007
  • all users have two-factor authentication enforced to massively reduce the possibility of their account being compromised
  • files are stored in Google Drive with a variety of sharing permissions, working to the principle of least privilege
  • Google file formats are completely invulnerable to ransomware attacks
  • excellent spam filtering and user-based phishing/spoofing warnings to protect against email-based attacks
  • confidential emails (more secure form of email that allows for expiration to be set and asks for additional verification before opening) are used to send sensitive data to clients
  • Google Vault retains a copy of all email, chat and file data for auditing purposes
  • a 3rd party backup service also retains a copy of Workspace data for restoration in case of deletion/data loss
  • all user activity is logged and can be audited at any time

To access corporate systems and data within Google Workspace and other tools, Expert Pensions use a hardware combination of Chromebooks and Android smartphones.

As the primary device, Chrome hardware brings many huge security wins:

  • impossible to get viruses as the operating system is read-only and can’t be tampered with by applications (no anti-virus tools exist for Chrome hardware for this reason)
  • two factor authentication enforced on every sign-in to almost eliminate the possibility of malicious access
  • updates are applied automatically in the background ensuring the device always up-to-date with the latest security patches
  • two versions of the operating system are stored at all times, allowing for restoration if one becomes corrupted
  • almost no data stored locally on the device that is vulnerable to attack
  • every application that runs is sandboxed, meaning that any malicious activity cannot spread onto other applications

All Chrome and Android devices used to access corporate data are managed within the device management service in the Google Workspace console and can be remotely wiped/blocked if lost or stolen.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of our team.